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Last Updated: January 17, 2021 16:24 (EST)

Top Player for 01-17-2021 is Enenuha with 371.48% points increase.

Top Fighter for 01-17-2021 is novoselac777 with 1,446 battles.
World Statistics
Active Players 6,573
Active Fighters 5,204
Players above 1,000,000 pts 7,200
Players above 100,000 pts 15,335
Players above 5,000 pts 29,918
Players above 10,000 fights 1,440
Players above 1,000 fights 7,608
Players above 100 fights 19,251
Players without a Guild 8,307
Inactive Players 23,017
Top 10 Players
Dice 106643,905,342
Hippocrates the Wise 772624,827,647
Buford T Justice513,668,294
Top 10 Guilds (By Prestige)
Fair Trade Warriors40,707
Heated Sarma36,548
Devils Rejects30,126
Fair Trade Explorers28,963
FALLOUT Co.26,577
Bakin kolač26,516
Ctrl Alt Elite24,445
Bonded by Blood23,095
Top 10 Guilds (by Member Points)
Ctrl Alt Elite9,453,337,906
Devils Rejects9,113,176,494
Fair Trade Warriors6,351,137,665
Heated Sarma4,567,962,967
Bakin kolač4,480,507,286
🔥New Dawn🔥4,141,554,929
The Illuminati3,637,732,173
Bonded by Blood3,506,597,437
Outlaw Raptors2,656,397,280
FALLOUT Co.2,573,726,822
Top 10 Guilds (by Battles)
Ctrl Alt Elite3,887,621
Devils Rejects2,931,039
Fair Trade Warriors2,472,500
Bakin kolač2,158,600
Heated Sarma1,795,981
🔥New Dawn🔥1,662,563
Bonded by Blood1,331,160
Outlaw Raptors1,208,797
The Illuminati1,080,026
FALLOUT Co.945,054
Top 10 Great Buildings
Dice 106The ArcLevel 165
jando123Château FrontenacLevel 162
Buford T JusticeThe ArcLevel 148
Arvi OliveThe ArcLevel 146
Or the princessThe ArcLevel 145
Or the princessChâteau FrontenacLevel 145
Alcmene the Bold 571The ArcLevel 143
Equator365The ArcLevel 142
Vesta the Scourge 198Château FrontenacLevel 142
pan kingdomThe ArcLevel 136