France - Overall Server Rankings

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Last Updated: July 21, 2019 15:25 (EDT)

Top Player for 07-21-2019 is Blackeagle from fr16 with 515.21% points increase.

Top Fighter for 07-21-2019 is abbevillois from fr14 with 1,026 battles.
Server Statistics
Active Players 104,443
Active Fighters 53,952
Players above 1,000,000 pts 122,678
Players above 100,000 pts 282,013
Players above 5,000 pts 533,185
Players above 10,000 fights 12,679
Players above 1,000 fights 119,605
Players above 100 fights 343,154
Players without a Guild 182,855
Inactive Players 425,905
Top 10 Players Overall
The Lord of Disasterfr7684,481,040
super chipiefr1643,272,212
Top 10 Guilds Overall
❀ Les Dalton ❀fr2034,486
Les Chauvins Unisfr1533,764
💫️ La Horde 💫fr1527,002
Bard Tab Asfr1626,134
۞Pђσεηix ∂εş 7 мεяş۞fr723,997
Ordre des Assassinsfr823,184
🤺 Les Valeureux 🐉fr2023,064
🔥Union du Phénix🔥fr1122,909
Top 10 Guilds Overall (by Member Points)
Les Immortelsfr57,180,923,959
Le Valhallafr95,514,596,508
Les Guignolsfr25,430,717,993
☢ Décapiteurs ☢fr15,201,942,349
Chut ne pas dérangerfr25,141,000,896
🔥Union du Phénix🔥fr114,854,692,032
Agence tous risquesfr44,657,278,472
Les Démocratesfr34,597,147,577
Compagnons forgiensfr44,579,370,844
Les revenantsfr74,566,853,208
Top 10 Guilds Overall (by Battles)
☢ Décapiteurs ☢fr12,430,100
Les Immortelsfr52,405,862
Les Guignolsfr22,233,119
Chut ne pas dérangerfr22,174,061
Unitas Virtutefr172,127,941
Les Larmes Noiresfr42,093,894
Le Valhallafr91,962,388
les Gauloisfr131,720,677
DREAM OR...IGINALEfr51,695,799
Cavaliers du Rohan🏇fr121,689,319
Top 10 Great Buildings Overall
toxxykfr15L'archeLevel 180
Tribal forcefr8L'archeLevel 180
-Saturnefr9L'archeLevel 180
- Foupoudav -fr4L'archeLevel 179
joseric88fr4L'archeLevel 178
Johan1987fr7L'archeLevel 173
jultucfr2L'archeLevel 165
Takethatfr6L'archeLevel 159
Wasserstofffr16L'archeLevel 157
Morpionuxfr7L'archeLevel 156