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Last Updated: November 09, 2021 22:54 (EST)

Top Player for 11-09-2021 is Ronny The Richy with 204.54% points increase.

Top Fighter for 11-09-2021 is william the All Powerful with 2,987 battles.
World Statistics
Active Players 7,297
Active Fighters 5,917
Players above 1,000,000 pts 9,699
Players above 100,000 pts 19,091
Players above 5,000 pts 33,430
Players above 10,000 fights 2,610
Players above 1,000 fights 10,050
Players above 100 fights 22,415
Players without a Guild 10,032
Inactive Players 25,893
Top 10 Players
william the All Powerful3,958,343,140
Steve sniper1,734,258,627
L A N C E1,449,995,334
Sig the Great1,336,217,823
P H R1,210,937,483
Stelio the Warrior1,108,925,739
Top 10 Guilds (By Prestige)
Bolen's Army (R&B)32,966
The Fire29,935
Super Bunny29,228
Legends of Mirth27,113
Eagles Claw22,729
Top 10 Guilds (by Member Points)
The Fire22,371,704,667
Legends of Mirth17,208,903,799
🦅 Avalerion 🦅14,899,975,620
Bolen's Army (R&B)11,637,794,671
El DeGuello8,565,704,536
⭐️Atlantis United⭐️5,760,167,585
Top 10 Guilds (by Battles)
The Fire8,157,372
Legends of Mirth7,282,267
🦅 Avalerion 🦅6,516,201
Bolen's Army (R&B)4,380,209
El DeGuello3,861,570
⭐️Atlantis United⭐️2,276,232
🐺Fantom Underdogs🐺2,209,727
Top 10 Great Buildings
ooOmegAaaChâteau FrontenacLevel 183
DizzybearThe ArcLevel 180
Steve sniperThe ArcLevel 166
AttillaTheHun2017The ArcLevel 165
Rayan1802The ArcLevel 165
DizastyaThe ArcLevel 163
zhao dynastyThe ArcLevel 162
l r i sThe ArcLevel 162
Sig the GreatThe ArcLevel 162
Alcmene 803 the ValiantThe ArcLevel 162