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Last Updated: July 30, 2021 21:22 (EDT)

Top Player for 07-30-2021 is The Baron YT with 564.20% points increase.

Top Fighter for 07-30-2021 is JJRETURNS with 2,534 battles.
World Statistics
Active Players 7,237
Active Fighters 5,075
Players above 1,000,000 pts 9,257
Players above 100,000 pts 20,628
Players above 5,000 pts 41,062
Players above 10,000 fights 2,059
Players above 1,000 fights 10,215
Players above 100 fights 25,627
Players without a Guild 13,956
Inactive Players 33,656
Top 10 Players
This Is The End1,506,950,864
Vixzeus the Enforcer1,177,414,013
Day Stalker1,036,814,418
Sandman Cometh913,307,776
Formosa Tea860,389,461
Top 10 Guilds (By Prestige)
ѕтαя ѕнιρ єитєяρяιѕє45,030
Mad Men43,146
The Noble Goat31,008
Tiger Tiger30,187
Galactic Senate28,589
Rogue Knights28,413
Terra Nostra Aeterna25,183
Top 10 Guilds (by Member Points)
Rogue Knights8,137,976,336
ѕтαя ѕнιρ єитєяρяιѕє7,700,872,635
The End Game6,666,287,849
Mad Men6,464,623,397
The Noble Goat5,562,770,749
Leo’s Retreat 🏝4,453,553,941
The Droid Asylum4,346,314,312
Tiger Tiger4,005,189,827
Top 10 Guilds (by Battles)
ѕтαя ѕнιρ єитєяρяιѕє3,408,363
Rogue Knights3,297,906
Mad Men2,798,284
The Droid Asylum2,206,292
Terra Nostra Aeterna2,191,728
The Noble Goat2,037,838
Tiger Tiger1,824,663
The End Game1,736,058
Top 10 Great Buildings
General Goods MerchantThe ArcLevel 180
Chance the GardenerThe ArcLevel 180
General Goods MerchantChâteau FrontenacLevel 170
ryanhoThe ArcLevel 165
Leonitus the WiseThe ArcLevel 163
Vixzeus the EnforcerThe ArcLevel 161
jorj95Château FrontenacLevel 161
General Goods MerchantAlcatrazLevel 161
jorj95The ArcLevel 160
C.B.AThe ArcLevel 155