Monthly Archives: July 2015

Aggregate Statistics Update

I’ve found the problem.  Previously, it was calculating 48 hour totals on the increases, but it has been fixed, so during tonight’s update, the totals will be accurate and represent the 24 hour increases.

Thank you for your patience!


Daily Top Fighter & Player

It seems we’re still having some issues with the aggregate statistics, so these two items are most likely inaccurate at this time.  Hopefully it will be resolved soon, but in the meantime, the graphs for guilds and players are reporting accurate statistics as far as a daily increase or decrease.

Thanks again!


Database Update

This morning (US EDT) we migrated our database over to Amazon RDS and hopefully you did not experience any downtime.  Everything seems to be running smoothly now, and this change allows us to store more historical data, so there should not be any more purging of records for the graphs from this point forward.  We may have to purge older data if the performance of the database decreases, but we will address that issue as it occurs.



Great Building Points Calculator

As you can tell from the different leader boards on servers around the world, everyone seems to be increasing their score by leveling up Great Buildings.  Whether you like the points they give or think it’s causing an unfair ranking within the game, now you can see exactly how many points a level above 10 will give you on a particular Great Building.

Check out the Tools drop down menu at the top of the page, and select “GB Points Calculator” to see what combination might make you the next #1 on your server!


New countries added!

There is now data and statistics available for the following Forge of Empires servers:

Czech Republic
United Kingdom
United States

I will be working on the translations for the CZ, DK, GR, HU, PL, SK, SE, and TR sites, but if you can lend a hand it would be very much appreciated!

At this time we are only missing 6 servers for all of Forge of Empires, and we should have those soon as well.