Great Building Finder Tool

I have created a tool that allows you to search for Great Buildings based on parameters that you set, giving you the ability to search the GB tables for those that might have easy rewards.

You can check it out at

You need to enter, at a minimum the server, world, select a GB, and enter a points threshold which determines how many FP are required to level the GB.

For instance, if you play United States servers, you would enter ‘us’ for server, ‘us6′ (You can find this world id from the url where you are logged into the game), then select “Alcatraz” from the drop down list, and enter ’50’ in the points threshold to find all Alcatraz GB’s on the world Fel Dranghyr for the United States server that were 50 points or less from leveling at the last update.

You can also see only members within your guild by entering the exact (case sensitive) guild name in the search box as well.

Another option for limiting results to to specify that you only want to search buildings greater than or equal to a specific level, such as ’10’.

All fields need to be entered without quotes.